Entertainment Books on Sale

I’m keeping track of the price of my local Entertainment Book throughout the year. The regular price is $35 when purchased online. Today, the books are discounted 10% to $31.50. I’m not sure if this is a permanent or temporary markdown, but I will be keeping track and will post a breakdown of how the books are priced throughout the year.

The coupons from the new book are valid through Nov 1, 2013. I’m still using coupons from the 2012 book I bought in July, at the deeply discounted price of $8.99. So far I’ve saved $16 on movie tickets, $10 at Dick’s Sporting Goods, $10 at King Soopers and $34 at my rec center. That’s a total of $70 and I’ll probably save an additional $16 – $24 before the coupons expire in a month. So, it’s been well worth the expense.

If I was more diligent I could probably find even more savings but I don’t think it makes sense for me to buy the book until it’s been discounted substantially. The most valuable coupons, for me, are the ones for King Soopers and my rec center – places I would be spending money regardless. There’s a coupon for 10% off at my rec center every month, but I don’t need to purchase a punch pass every month. My best bet is to combine the 10% coupon with the 10% off the rec center offers a few times/year, and load up on passes towards the end of the year using coupons.

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