Today We Went Out For Dinner

It was our anniversary yesterday. 26 years! We don’t make a huge fuss over milestones. Nor are we into huge presents. I’m not one of those women who needs a piece of jewelry for every occasion (birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversary) every year. And they are definitely out there!

Actually, sometimes I feel a little bad that we don’t make a bigger fuss. But I’ve discovered that a big fuss doesn’t necessarily make something more meaningful. It’s often just a signal of narcissism or entitlement. But I digress and now is not the time to delve into the roots of my cynicism!

And we do celebrate a lot. We always had birthday parties for the kids. (Now it’s graduation parties.) I had a sweet baby shower for my sister-in-law when she was expecting a couple of years ago. We always have family get togethers for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, football games etc.  We took the kids on plenty of family vacations, up to Canada once or twice every year, and many fall or spring break trips to places like Mexico, California, Florida, and Puerto Rico. And we love to just have people over for no particular reason. So there!

Anyway, back to our anniversary. Jay took the day off. To work on the yard, that is. 😉 (Another topic I will post about later.) He bust his butt all day and I know that he would have liked nothing more than to just relax in his recliner with a beer to watch football. But, he was sweet enough to agree to go out for dinner. We had just gotten a promotion in the mail from a restaurant we’d been to a couple of times. Buy one dinner, get another for free. What the heck! It was close. We were hungry (he was starving).

And it was, after all, our anniversary.

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