Today I Applied For a Target REDcard

Target is currently offering a rewards credit card (the REDcard). You automatically get 5% off when you use it at Target stores and on You also get free shipping when purchasing at, with no minimum purchase required.

There’s no annual fee. Since I always pay my credit card balances in full, I don’t care about the card’s interest rates or late fees.

It’s a no brainer for me. I love Target and there’s a brand new one being built nearby. I’m hoping it’s one of the Super Targets or Greatlands, with a robust grocery section. Their prices are lower than King Soopers for many items.

I hesitated to apply for it as I knew I’d miss getting 2x miles on my MileagePlus card. But a 5% discount is a better deal and I’ve found a way to continue to get both the 5% discount AND miles (though only 1x miles, not 2x).

Plastic Jungle (see sidebar) offers Target gift cards at a 5% discount. Trouble is, most of them are eCodes, not physical, plastic cards. BUT I can order them online, paying with my MileagePlus card to get miles, and then turn around and use the eCodes to order actual plastic Target gift cards from Brilliant!

So, why even bother getting the Targed REDcard you may ask? Well, for times when I don’t happen to have a Target gift card with me, of course. But also, because Target charges for shipping gift cards. Whenever I order the Target cards online I plan to always order a little bit more than the value of the ecodes I’m redeeming. I will use my REDcard to pay the balance and, voila, free shipping!

I don’t know that I’ll always go through the hassle of getting the discount Target eCodes and then ordering plastic cards online. But it’s an option if I want/need miles. And it’s a way to boost the spending on my Visa in order to meet spending requirements for bonus miles.

What I DO know is that saving 5% on ALL my Target purchases leaves more money in my pocket.

I better get approved! But, if I don’t, I’ll just apply for the REDcard debit card as it also gives the same benefits.

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