Today I Made a Banana/Coconut/Pineapple Smoothie

I’m still trying to lose weight. It’s going a lot more slowly than I was hoping (probably because my idea of dieting is pretty wimpy), but I’m pleased that I haven’t given up even when the going got rough. For me, slow and steady is the way to win this race.

A couple of months ago I posted my recipe for a banana shake, which I’ve been making almost every day for lunch. The other day I made a yummy shrimp curry with coconut milk and pineapple for dinner and it got me thinking about changing up my shake/smoothie routine.

Here’s the recipe I came up with.


1 large banana
5-6 ice cubes
2 oz evaporated milk
2 oz coconut milk
2 oz pineapple juice

Blend until smooth.

Very refreshing!!

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