Today I Saved a Brand New Shirt

Tuesday night we went to our friends’ Rosh Hashanah celebration. I wore a brand new outfit (my daughter insisted it was too casual) that I had, literally, taken the tags off just prior to leaving our house.

Within minutes of arriving, I was helping someone open a bottle of red wine with one of those Jack Rabbit types of openers. Something went wrong and wine sprayed out of the top. Onto my brand new top.

And, did I mention that my top is white!!!

Luckily, the stains were relatively small and I could cover them up by zipping the top layer/hoodie part up over the camisole part. And, luckily, I didn’t fret too much because I knew that I would be able to get the stains out with my handy, dandy Carbona stain devils formula 8 for wine, tea, coffee and juice (see sidebar).

I discovered it this summer when looking for something to take a red wine stain out of Jay’s favorite yellow shirt. I had assumed it was ruined, but decided to see if I could find a cleaning product to try.

And I did! That stain was at least a week old and it took a good half hour of soaking in the solution, but the stain came completely out. Today, the stain on my new, white top disappeared within a matter of seconds. No kidding!

Hint: the instructions call for 2 heaping teaspoons in 2 cups of hot water, but I halved the amounts and used a shallow, glass pie plate to soak the affected area.

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