Today I Read the Newspaper (Monday)

I try to read the newspaper everyday. Not cover to cover – I set aside the sports section immediately 😉 – but, I do try to get through the rest of it. Plus, my day isn’t complete if I don’t do the Sudoku every morning.

Besides bad news and hearing how the world is going to hell in a handbasket, I’m usually able to find something in each day’s paper lending itself to my quest for saving money, especially on Mondays.

Section C is the Entertainment/Lifestyles section, with the movies, comics, games etc. Every day there’s a different theme to the articles – health, food, books etc. On Monday it’s the $mart section. I can’t remember what the theme used to be, maybe electronics, but a couple of years ago, well after the economy took a nose dive, it became the $mart section.

Today’s articles are particularly good, so I’m providing links to them and to their authors’ blogs.

The first is Cashing in on your clutter by Amy Dunn. Her blog is Centsible Saver. Having just moved recently, her article really resonated. However, we upsized so there was less urgency to get rid of stuff and, when we did get rid of stuff, the urgency was time related so we opted almost exclusively on using Goodwill.

However, that doesn’t mean we still didn’t have some things we could get rid of. We’ve since sold a lot of stuff on Craigslist and taken old appliances to the junkyard for cash. But I’m going to look into her suggestions of, and even turning old gold jewelry into cash.

The other article is Timing is money: Know the sales cycle by Jennie Sanford. Her blog is Bargain Blessings. This article is of particular interest to me since I’ve recently started keeping track of the prices of items I buy regularly. For example, we go through a lot of milk and King Soopers frequently sells half gallons for $1. Whenever this happens I stock up and buy enough to get us through an extra week. I recently bought as many condensed milks as they had on the shelf, in order to satisfy my penchant for Vietnamese coffee.

And bananas – well no sales cycle can help there. We probably go through a bunch of bananas a day. I can’t wait until they go on sale as we’d be going into banana withdrawal. And I can’t stock up on them when they DO go on sale, as I’d be forced to throw away bunches of overripe, fruit fly ridden bananas. I just have to pay the going price 2-3 times/week, which is how often I have to buy them.

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