Today I Checked our Comcast Bill

We have Comcast set up for autopay. So it’s tempting to just file the bill without going through it when it arrives in the mail. But I would NEVER do that.

(And, no, I’m not signed up for paperless billing on anything unless the company charges for a paper bill or, like with Verizon, we have to be signed up for paperless billing in order to get the employee discount for Jay’s company. I like a hardcopy for my files and I don’t want to have to use my own paper and ink to print it.)

Anyway, the Comcast bill arrived in the mail yesterday. And I went through it. Hmmm – where’s the $20 credit we’re supposed to get because the technician had to postpone the appointment we made and I STAYED HOME FROM SWIMMING FOR?! That’s weird. The customer service person assured me it would be on our next bill. But I put it on my NEXT ACTIVITIES spreadsheet just to make sure.

And what’s this $15 charge for a self install kit? Let’s see. The cable boxes we had didn’t work. So we made an appointment for someone to come and replace them, but he called to reschedule and, by the way, he doesn’t carry replacement boxes on the truck anyway. So Jay drove down to the Comcast place on a Saturday, instead, and picked up 3 boxes. And 2 of them didn’t work!! So, they sent us 3 new boxes. And they charged us $15 so we could install them ourselves?? I DON’T THINK SO!

I called Comcast yet again and the service rep I spoke to was very lovely and very helpful and I didn’t have to ask to speak to her manager. She saw the notation on our file about the $20 credit, but the last rep didn’t actually get any further than notating it. And of course we couldn’t be expected to pay $15 for our 3rd set of cable boxes that we get to install ourselves.

She assured me that our next bill would show credits for both and guess what? I trust that it will be done. And it was worth the 10 minute phone call. (But I’ll still put it on my list to make sure it happens. 😉 )

And, while I was at it, I asked her to please put in a suggestion that Comcast provides a lighted remote control so we can actually watch shows in the dark!

UPDATE: one of the new boxes delivered doesn’t work and we have another appointment scheduled with a technician. Unbelievable. Jay is ready to call the PUC on Comcast.

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