Today Our Son Went to the Eye Doctor

Our oldest son turns 23 in November. It came to our attention (from one of Jay’s coworkers whose son is already 23) that, although the company healthcare program covers dependents until they turn 26, the vision and dental plan coverage ends at 23.

Good thing someone reminded us!

Luckily, Steve is eligible for an eye exam, new frames and new lenses. The copay for the exam is just $10. Same for the glasses. The allowances should cover everything, unless he picks some fancy frames. And that’ll be on him. 😉

He’ll need that new prescription, too, in order to get more contacts (which we buy at Costco). You need a prescription dated less than a year ago to get contacts.

Steve just saw the dentist in July, and everything was good. But I’ll be sure to tell him to jump on top of anything that comes up before his birthday.

Hopefully, this will hold him over until he graduates and gets a job with benefits.

Fingers crossed!!

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