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Well, my online ink purchase yesterday didn’t quite go as planned. Ebates did not seem to recognize the transaction. When I complained I found out that it didn’t qualify since I used a gift card for the purchase.

Who knew!

So, I still need to make a qualified $25 purchase through one of their retailers in order to get my $10 Target gift card. As luck would have it, my son called to say that he needed a textbook for his international business class. Wouldn’t you know it, textbooks purchased at Amazon qualify and the prices for the book he needs are way cheaper than at the school bookstore.

So, I logged into my Ebates account, went to Amazon from there and purchased the textbook from an affiilate that has it’s orders fulfilled by Amazon and qualified for free shipping.

Now I get to wait and see if Ebates recognizes/approves the transaction and if I think there’s any value to using them again. Using a discount gift card is better than using Ebates. And, if I find that they are squirrely when it comes to approving transactions, I’d just as soon make my purchases via United’s MileagePlus Shopping Mall and earn extra miles.

We’ll see!

Update: Ebates approved the transaction and they even sent me my first check – for a whopping $1.77. 😉

BUT, I also got my $10 Target gift card. And I’m happy to get cashback on purchases I would be making anyway.

If you want to give it a go, I’d sure appreciate it if you accessed the site via this link so I get credit for referring you:


If you’re shopping online and ready to make a purchase, stop. First go to Topcashback and Ebates and the United MileagePlus shopping mall to see if any (or all) of them offer rewards for shopping thru them. If any or all of them do, pick the one with the best reward, close your browser window for the store you were shopping at and then access it via the “rewards” site portal.

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