Today I Bought Ink For My Printer

I’m out of color ink for my printer. I usually try to print in grayscale, but our daughter uses this printer. I don’t want to be caught flat footed when she needs color for an assignment. Hell hath no fury like a 17-yr-old with cheap parents!!

I wanted to take advantage of a coupon for $10 off any purchase over $50 from Office Depot before it expired. I also wanted to experiment with a couple of online “opportunities” – using an online discount gift card, and trying out It all made for a complicated transaction!

First of all, I logged into my account and accessed the Office Depot site from there. eBates offers 2% back on Office Depot purchases.

Office Depot offers free shipping for purchases of $50 or more. One ink cartridge came to $29.99. I could have ordered two of these (2 x $29.99 = $59.98), but one pack of two cartridges was $53.99. Trouble was, when I applied my coupon the total came to $43.99 and I was pretty sure this meant I would have to pay the $9.95 shipping fee, because my order was under $50.

I didn’t want to “redeem” the coupon before finding out, as once the coupon has been redeemed, it’s used up and I can’t change my mind and just drive to the store to use it. So, I clicked the online chat button and was connected to an agent. The agent confirmed that the order amount after using the coupon was the amount used to determine whether I got free shipping or not.

BUT – he kindly offered to waive the shipping fee for me once my order was placed! I didn’t even have to ask him.

Once I determined how much the purchase was going to cost (around $45), I quickly logged on to my Cardpool account and searched for Office Depot gift cards. For once, I was looking for electronic ecodes that I could redeem online instead of physical cards. I found one for $43.34 that I purchased for a 5.5% discount for a total of $40.95. Luckily, the “gift card” arrived within a minute or so as I had the Office Depot agent waiting for me.

I completed the purchase using my electronic gift card and a credit card for the remainder. Once that happened, I gave the agent my order number and he adjusted it to remove the shipping fee. The total ended up looking like this:

$53.99 ink
($10.00) coupon
$9.95 shipping
($9.95) shipping cost removed
$1.87  tax 
$45.86 total

BUT, since I paid using the discounted gift card, I saved an additional $2.39. And, I’m going to get a rebate from eBates for another 2% or $.90, by total cost came to $42.57.

BUT, it gets even better! The reason I wanted to try out eBates is because when I signed up a few days ago, I was offered a signup gift once I made a $25 or more purchase. I chose the $10 Target gift card as my gift, which should be arriving in the next couple of weeks. A gift card to Target is as good as cash to me. I shop there frequently

SO, my total ink purchase really comes to $32.57 which is about $7 less than what it would have cost at Costco. Cool!

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