Today I Got a Free Movie Rental (or two)

Prior to our move last year, we had a Blockbuster account where we could pick up movies at the local store and/or have movies delivered by mail. It was $20.81/mo. Once we moved we cancelled our membership since there weren’t any Blockbuster stores nearby.

We did, however, locate a Blockbuster kiosk at the local Safeway and used that from time to time. We also paid for On Demand movies about once/month, when we were too lazy to drive to Safeway. In all, we were probably spending less than half what we’d been spending with the monthly Blockbuster membership. (Hmmm – I should add that to my savings spreadsheet.)

Well, the Blockbuster kiosk disappeared this month. In its place I noticed a Redbox kiosk. So, I signed up online (membership is free) to see the selection  of movies it carries. Once I signed up, I got an email saying they were crediting my account with a free DVD rental.

I love freebies!

About 6 hrs later I got another email. This one was asking me to confirm my email address in order to get a free DVD rental. Hmmm – another freebie or the same freebie as before? I clicked the link to confirm my email address and it opened a web page with a promo code to use to get a free rental.

Crediting my account with a free rental is not the same thing as giving me a promo code to get a free rental. It looks to me like there might be two free rentals in my future.

I double love double freebies!

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