Savings on Automatic Pilot – $750/mo and Counting

Some savings strategies require repeated effort. For example, clipping coupons and using promo codes when shopping online are actions you might undertake on an ongoing basis.

Other savings strategies, once in place, are on automatic pilot – refinancing a mortgage at a lower rate or switching to a cheaper trash pickup service, for example. They may take more effort to put in place, but the rewards are reaped over and over, effortlessly. They are also easier to quantify, as they tend to be related to monthly, quarterly or annual expenses.

Here’s where I stand on my recent efforts to streamline our monthly expenses:


Streamline rental mortgage $3,226 $2,628 $598
Gym $98 $22 $76
1% mortgage cashback $0 -$23 $23
Garbage $30 $12 $18
Verizon discount $0 -$28 $28
Massage Envy $56 $48 $8
TOTAL     $751

 We’re still waiting to see if the refi goes through. If it does, we’ll hit $1,000/mo!!

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