Today I Bought a Bathroom Scale

I already have a scale. But it’s old and sat around w/o use for years. I don’t trust it anymore. How many Friday mornings in a row can I weigh exactly the same amount? To .2 of a lb? Last Friday, when I was positive I had lost weight, I moved the scale to a different part of the bathroom and, indeed, I weighed 1-lb less over there.

This is someone who has gone for a decade without knowing how much I weigh. I close my eyes at the doctor and ask them to not say it out loud. (I will continue to do this, as I don’t want to know what I weigh in the middle of the day with my clothes on.)

Anyway, time for a new scale.

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond today and found one for $29.99. There were fancier ones, but I don’t care about BMI or how much my bones weigh or how much of my weight is water. I can’t even believe a home scale could measure any of that stuff anyway! I had an expired 20% coupon, which they always honor anyway – DO NOT throw those away. That saved me $6. And I paid with a gift card I bought online for a 10% discount.

With tax, the scale would have cost me $32.27 but with the coupon and the discounted gift card the actual cost to me was only $23.24. That’s almost a $10 difference!

I only hope I don’t weigh more than last week when I get on it tomorrow morning. If that happens, I’m going back to the old one! I’m keeping the receipt just in case.

Update1 – the new scale functions the same as the old scale. Reading the instructions helped me understand what was happening with the old scale. I actually weighed myself late yesterday, WITH MY CLOTHES ON, to compare. I weighed more on the old scale than I do each Friday morning, so it’s clearly not stuck on a certain weight like I suspected. Maybe I HAVE weighed the same each Friday for three weeks. (Not sure what to think about the 1 lb loss when I moved it from one spot to the other. I really liked losing a lb that way.)

Unfortunately, I weighed 2 lbs more on the new scale than the old one. I don’t care if it’s right. It’s going back. I’ll save even more money!

Update2 – I weighed myself first thing this morning on the old scale. The new one is already boxed up. It doesn’t get a 2nd chance. I’ve either lost .2 lb or gained .8 lb, depending on if you count the lower weight I got last week when I moved it. I’m going to give the old scale another week or so before I decide if I’m going to try yet another one. All I know is I’m not keeping anything that weighs me higher than the one I’ve already got! 😉

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