Today I Got a Massage

Today I got my first massage in six months. I had frozen my Massage Envy account temporarily (in order to save money, of course), but the “freeze” period was up. Not to mention that my neck and shoulders were seizing up!

I know that massages are an extravagance for many. But I’m 52 and this is a relatively new splurge for me. Anyway, the point of my post is not to defend myself but to tell you how I saved money on it.

As I’ve posted before, I’ve recently discovered the magic of buying discounted gift cards online. There are a variety of companies to choose from though I’ve found Cardpool, Plastic Jungle and Monster Gift Card to be my favorites.

Discounts on gift cards vary a) between gift cards; and b) between the companies selling them. Massage Envy cards usually sell for about a 15% discount. I purchased a $50 card for $42.50 prior to my appointment. Shipping was free and it arrived in about a week.

My massages cost $49 so I was able to pay for the massage and $1 towards the tip (I put the rest of the tip on my credit card) for $42.50. I will save 15% any day of the week on something I’m spending money on anyway!

Hint: next time I’m going to buy an extra card, one to cover the massage and one to use up on tips. I may as well save 15% on those, as well.

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