Today I Filled a Prescription

We’re very lucky to have good health insurance through my husband’s company. For years, our copays for both doctor visits and prescriptions were only $5. But about 5-6 years ago they went up to $10 and then $15. While still affordable, copays for five add up quickly!

We try to minimize costs by using Medco’s mail order prescription service for all our regular, on-going meds. A three month supply costs only $15, making it feel like the good ole days of $5 copays.

Currently, we only have 4-5 regular meds to order (not bad for five people). It’s hard to assess the exact monthly savings as I’m not sure all the meds cost the full copay amount of $15 for a one month supply at the pharmacy. My guess is that four of them would, so our savings per month is approximately $40.

I’ll take that any day. Plus, I don’t have to stand in line at the Safeway pharmacy!

ps. I keep a spreadsheet of all our out of pocket medical costs – prescription copays, doctor visit copays, dental and vision costs. So far, they’ve never surpassed 7.5% of AGI. Above that, they become an itemized deduction. But, with our recently falling income and increased deductions, we were pretty close last year.

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