Today I Bought a Jiffy Lube Groupon

grouponI get emails from Groupon every day. But today is the first day I actually purchased. The deal was for a conventional oil change at Jiffy Lube for $20. The regular price is $41.99.

Jay had just mentioned that my car was due for an oil change. He usually does all our oil changes. But, with five cars, it’s a burden. At $20, paying to have it done is a bargain!

I ordered two Groupons and, to my surprise, I had $10 worth of Groupon cash in my account (don’t ask me why), so my two oil changes come to just $15 each! I then tried to buy two more, as gifts, but the system ran into some glitch and it didn’t work. I sent them an email and am hoping they can resolve the problem and I can buy two more for $40, for our sons to use. *

I already went to Jiffy Lube and used one of the groupons. I had to pay $1.60 tax, so the total for my oil change AND a host of other things including:

– changing my oil filter
– checking my wiper blades
– vacuuming the floor
– washing the exterior windows
– topping off my windshield wiper fluid
– checking the tire pressure, lights, oil, brake fluid…

I’m sold!!!!

* update: they honored the other two groupons, so I got 4 oil changes for $70!!

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