Today We Went to a Movie


We’re big film buffs and love to actually go to the theater to see a movie every week or so vs. just watching them at home.

No food or drinks, though! That can more than double the cost of the show and wreaks havoc on your waistline. As we used to say to our kids when they were little, “The trip is the treat.” Besides, between my brother coming to visit and my trip to Santa Fe, I gained 1/2 lb and I’m determined to lose it (and a few more).

Anyway, Friday night we went to see Ruby Sparks, which was pretty good. A first run movie, in the evening, usually costs $10.50. But we only paid $6 each by using a coupon out of our Entertainment Book.

I couldn’t believe it only came to $6/each. That’s even cheaper than the $8 discount price we pay when we go to a Regal theater. This was a Hollywood Theater, a newer location close to our new house. We’ve never gone before, but we’ll definitely be going back.

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