Today My Husband Brought Lunch to Work

No surprise here. Jay brings his own lunch virtually every day, saving us thousands of dollars over the years.

Unlike many of his coworkers, Jay doesn’t feel entitled to go out for lunch every day. Nor does he need the treat just to get through the day. Then again, it’s just another ongoing habit that he practices and they do not. And, let’s just say, the difference between his and their financial situation is dramatic. Enough said. I don’t want to be nasty.

I understand that brown bagging it isn’t always possible, or even a good idea, for everyone. Going out with colleagues can keep you out of the shadows, pave the way to promotions, etc. But, is it necessary five times/week? I doubt it.

Try to find a way, even if just once or twice/week, to bring your own lunch to work. A little inaccessibility can be a good thing. Work through lunch. Or tell everyone you are working on a novel, meeting with your banker, meditating… Create a little mystique and save $20+/week.

It’s good for your waistline, too!

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