Today I Washed the Dishes

Sometime in 2011 I noticed that our dishes and glasses weren’t as clean as they had been. I thought there might be something wrong with our dishwasher. Luckily, we didn’t replace it or pay for a service call because I found out it had nothing to do with our dishwasher.

It was the detergent.

Sometime prior to 2011 (I’m too lazy to look it up) some of the state governments “outlawed” the use of phosphates in cleaning products, making cleaning products less effective. In response, the detergent making companies removed phosphates from all their products. They weren’t about to make one kind for CA and another for TX!

The day I heard about the non-cleaning detergent, I immediately did some searching online. Bingo! Phosphates were removed from all dishwashing detergents EXCEPT “commercial and industrial” versions. Apparently, it’s important for hospitals and hotels and nursing homes to have clean dishes, but not households.

You can order Cascade’s commercial product online (see sidebar). You have to get 6 boxes at a time, but I’d rather do that than sit around like a schmuck drinking out of filmy glasses.

How did I save money, you might ask? Well, I didn’t replace my dishwasher like my mother-in-law did!

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