Today I Put the Garbage Out

It’s easy to stick with a product or service you’ve used for years, without questioning the value or hassling with switching to something new. Moving, however, can force your hand. You pretty much HAVE to deal with every single household service you use.

And sometimes, that ends up by being a good thing!

At the time we moved last year, we’d been using the same trash service for 21 years – the length of time we’d lived in the house. I had to call to schedule when we’d terminate service. Then I realized we needed one more week and called again to postpone termination.

Of course, that Friday the truck just rolled right past our house, despite all the garbage bins sitting out front, Apparently, the person I had spoken to didn’t process my request; didn’t even log the call I found out when I called to schedule a courtesy pickup.

I started service at our new address. Two weeks later renters moved into our old house and put the service in their name. But, the trash company kept billing us. So I had to call again. Aggghhh!

By now, I’d about had it with them! Plus, I had been forced to pay attention to our bill – something I always paid, but rarely paid attention to. Big difference! Seems they’d been billing us $3/qtr for getting a paper bill. When did that start?! I signed up for electronic billing. Plus, they were charging us $7 for recycling. Hmmm – wasn’t that a big profit center for them?

Now that I was focused on the issue, I noticed the containers sitting in front of other homes. There were blue ones, and red ones, in addition to the green kind we had. When did these other companies spring up? Years ago, the company we used pretty much had a monopoly on things.

I went online and found the other pickup services and called. Wow – one of them was a lot cheaper! We had been paying about $30/mo (with recycling) and the new company only charged $12/mo (w/o recycling, mind you; there was a small upcharge for that) – a substantial difference. And they didn’t even charge for the container! But I worried that the service might not be as reliable, until I thought about how frustrating my recent interaction with the old company had been. 

It was time to make a change. I could switch back, after all. It wasn’t like MOVING!

I’m happy to report that the new company, Republic Services of Denver, has been great. They even hiked up our driveway to get our bin one morning, when we forgot to put it out.

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