Today I Made a Banana Shake

Four weeks ago, today, I started dieting. Except, I’m not really on a diet, per se. I’m not good at following programs or rules. I would be out of points on Weight Watchers by lunch time, which makes me think I must have a fast metabolism. Otherwise, I should be really big as I eat quite a lot. But I’m not. I only want to lose 7 lbs. (Well, I’d like to lose 12, but that just sounds WAY too hard.)

Usually, I’m pretty bad during the week and terrible on the weekends – snacking, second helpings, too much wine, you name it. So, my “diet” is simply to be good during the week and not so terrible on the weekends – minimal snacking and second helpings, and wine only on weekends (Fri-Sun).

I’m also fine tuning what I eat. I switched from whole milk to 2% (and you thought no middle aged woman in her right mind still drank whole milk). Under no circumstances will I ever drink skim, which is blue. I grew up on powdered, skim milk which my mother used to strain to get the lumps out.

And, instead of making a chocolate shake at lunch (don’t laugh, I used to go to Baskin Robbins almost every day) I now make a banana shake.


1 large banana
5-6 ice cubes
6 oz evaporated milk
1 tsp vanilla
dash nutmeg

Blend until smooth.

I’m not saying this is low in calories. But they are good calories, and it’s filling and satisfying.

Now to get to the “How I Saved Money Today” angle.

Because I was trying to avoid the full fat evaporated milk and I don’t like nonfat anything, I was buying Carnation 2% Evaporated milk. At King Soopers it costs $1.69/can. The Kroger brand is $.99/can but it only comes in full fat or fat free, not 2%. However, I go through three cans/week, so the $.70 difference is actually something to pay attention to. Luckily, the other day I had an epiphany! Buy the Kroger brand, one can fat free, one can full fat, and mix them together! 

Believe it or not, this one simple tweak becomes $110/year in savings. Simply from buying the less expensive brand of evaporated milk! And, of course, I’ll stock up on it if and when it ever comes on sale. 

And I’ve lost 3 lbs, so far. 🙂

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