Today I Bought a Dress (and Chocolates) at Macy’s for $21.28

I hate shopping, especially for clothes. I wasn’t like this when I was younger. Back then, everything looked great on me and I had plenty of disposable income. So, shopping was fun!

But as time wore on and I found myself a working mom with three kids, time and money were in short supply. Shopping became laced with anxiety.

Fast forward to now, semi-retired with a semi-plentiful disposable income, yet shopping has never regained its charm. However, I am on a diet – so things are improving!

Anyway, one must be clothed (especially, now). And not having the appropriate attire can be just as frustrating as shopping – possibly worse. And so, as I’m going on a road trip to Santa Fe with five of my friends in a week, I headed off to Macy’s this morning.

For me, the key to shopping success involves going to a store where I’m 90% confident I’ll find something acceptable. I’m not a “wander the mall” kind of gal. There is a Macy’s nearby. They have a good selection of clothing suitable for my age. The prices are relatively reasonable. I have a Macy’s credit card, so I get lovely coupons in the mail every month. And, most importantly, they have a very accomodating return policy.

I arrived at the store with my coupons in hand. I only shopped the sales racks (and there were a lot of them). Plus, the store was offering 15% off for using your Macy’s card (or Macy’s gift cards).

I grabbed about 10 dresses and tried them all on. Remarkably, three looked good enough to consider buying! I took them to the price check scanner. The ticket on one showed that it was marked down from $79.50 to $39.75. But it must have been discounted another 40% off, as the price scanner showed the cost as $27.82. And that’s not counting using a coupon or getting the 15% off they were offering that day.

The ticket on the second dress showed $59, no markdown. But it must have come from a 40% off sale rack as the price scanner showed $35.40, again before using a coupon or getting the 15% discount. 

One wasn’t marked down much and I didn’t like it any more than the other two, so I put it back on the rack.

I had two coupons for $10 off a purchase of $30 or more, and four coupons for 20% off your entire purchase – all better than the default 15% off. I had the cashier ring up my purchases in two transactions. I used one $10 off coupon for the $35.40 dress. With tax, it came to $27.11.

I wanted to use the other $10 coupon for the $27.82 dress – but I first had to up the total to $30, so I bought some Godiva chocolates. That’s why they always have them there at the register! I could have found a pair of socks or something inexpensive to bump the $27.82 up to $30. But I like chocolate, especially when I have such a valid excuse for buying them! The total for the second dress AND the chocolates came to $23.13.

Hmmm – but the title of the post says I only paid $21.28. And that’s because I paid for everything with the Macy’s gift card I bought online a couple of weeks earlier, at an 8% discount.

Buy, Sell, and Trade Gift Cards at!

And, since I paid for the discounted gift card with my Explorer Visa, I got miles for the purchase to boot!!

And, since I know you’re dying to see the dress:







And, no, that’s not me. 🙁


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