Spiral Ham for $1

cheap hamI’ve posted before about getting meat that has been improperly priced before. It rarely happens, but I’m always on the lookout - just in case the clerk made a mistake labeling the meat.

Well, it happened again this week. I was at Costco and was checking out the spiral hams. The price was $2.49/lb and I was hoping to find a small one. However, they were all somewhere around 10 lbs and $25/each. I really only checked a handful of labels, looking for the smallest one, when I turned over a label that read $1.

Yup! $1 for a .4 lb ham – except it was every bit as big as all the other hams. Easily 10+ lbs! I put it in my cart, wondering if the clerk would have something to say about it.

I looked at a few more labels, but didn’t see any more mistakes. (Lest you think that I would go through all 100+ hams in the section, I’m not that fervent (especially about ham). Plus, I hurt my shoulder recently and am not about to mess with it further by hoisting 10 lb hams around.)

Anyway, the clerk didn’t even notice the abnormal price when I checked out.

I was tickled!

VSP Benefits

vspI’ve posted about maximizing VSP benefits before. It’s pretty straightforward when it comes to Jay and I, but it does get tricky with the kids. Or should I say “kid” as both the boys are no longer covered now that they are over 23.

Rachel got contacts early this year and we used her benefit for those. I’m not sure I’d do the same next time, as contacts at Costco are much better priced. Plus, she then proceeded to lose her glasses and we had to replace them just last month. We got them at Costco. Lenses and frames came to $98. Not bad. I wasn’t sure we’d get anything from VSP since we’d done the contacts fairly recently, but I filled out the paperwork and sent it in. Yesterday, I got a check from them for $25 for the lenses.

So, it was definitely worth doing. Now, I just have to get Jay to make an appointment to see the ophthalmologist. He’s way overdue. In fact, I take back what I said earlier about it being easy keeping track of Jay’s benefits. It’s hard to get him to actually take advantage of them. He’s too busy and it’s like herding a cat!

Online Calendar

online calendarI recently posted about going with an electronic checkbook register. Along the same lines, I’m going to try a virtual vs. physical calendar. I downloaded monthly calendars from www.wincalendar.com and saved them in a file. The plan is to keep the current month open on my virtual desktop – sort of like the way I currently keep my actual calendar open on my actual desk.

We’ll see how it goes. So far, I’ve been planning events into January and February and it’s easy to update the calendar online. Maybe, one of these days, I’ll actually start using the calendar function on my iPhone. I hate using my iPhone like a computer. It’s so small. And I hate typing on it, when I’m so frequently at my desk and can use my PC. It makes me feel old school.

But not as old school as actually buying a calendar!

$5 Off Coupon at OfficeMax

officemaxI bought a couple Amazon gift cards at OfficeMax the other week so I can buy books and presents on Amazon. I buy them there because I get 5x points when I pay with my Ink Bold. It’s hard to find discount Amazon gift cards online and, when you do, the percentage off is very low.

Anyway, after my purchase I got an email from OfficeMax. If I completed their survey I would get a $5 coupon off my next purchase of $25. It took me about 5 minutes to complete. The coupon can’t be used to buy gift cards. And it has to be used before the end of the year. So, as coupons go, it’s not the greatest. However, my color ink cartridge just ran out. So, it looks like I’m actually going to get to use the coupon after all! And I, of course, printed it using my old stationery. ;)


dressbarnLately, I’ve been shopping at DressBarn. It may, possibly, be the worst named clothing store in the country! But their prices are inexpensive. They have lots of coupons and deals. They are close by. It’s easy to shop there because it’s not overwhelming. I can even get discount gift cards (via TOPCASHBACK) online.

My wardrobe has improved dramatically!

And, every Tuesday, they offer an additional 10% for “seniors” (ie. over 55). I turn 55 in a couple of months! The day of the week is different depending on the franchise location, so check with your local store.

December 18 is Free Shipping Day

free-shipping-dayI recently heard about “Free Shipping Day” and am going to take advantage of it. As it turns out, one of the gift suggestions from one of our kids is something I can get from Cabela’s AND Cabela’s is one of the 864 retailers who participate in Free Shipping Day. The gift only costs around $20. No way do I want to pay $5.95 for shipping! So I will wait and place the order on Dec 18.

Free shipping. No minimum. Delivery by Christmas Eve.

Here’s the link: http://www.freeshippingday.com

Kellogg’s Coupons

KFR_HealthyStarts_BannerI posted about Kellogg’s Family Rewards (KFR) awhile ago. I stopped entering box codes on their website, but not until I’d received $20+ in checks and coupons.

It became too much of a hassle. However, I still receive emails from KFR and every week or so I print off a $1 coupon for cereal (using old stationery, of course). Between these coupons and ones I clip from the paper I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for All Bran.

Hoping to save big time come January when it usually comes on sale!

Freezing Milk

free milkJay and I went to Mexico recently. Rather than come home to spoiled milk Jay put his jug of skim milk in the freezer. He thawed it in the fridge when we got back. He’s not too picky and said it was just fine.

I, on the other hand, am really picky. And I don’t (won’t/can’t) drink skim milk. In fact, I don’t like milk enough to drink it and pretty much only use it on oatmeal or cereal. And I use half and half. Luckily, the higher the fat content, the longer it lasts in the fridge. So, my half and half was still perfectly fine after a week in Mexico.

It occurred to me that freezing milk would be a good way to save money. Milk prices have gone WAY up recently. I think the regular price of King Soopers’ cheapest brand is $3.59/gallon these days. It goes on sale for $1.99 a couple times/month and I plan on buying an extra gallon or two to freeze. I’ll try it out and see if the strategy works for us.

I Googled the topic of freezing milk just to make sure it’s legit. The lower the fat content, the better the result. Hence, freezing the skim that Jay drinks works best. Shaking the container, post thawing, before each use helps to resolve any consistency issues. Also, liquids expand when frozen, so make sure the jugs are not full.

If Jay has any complaints about it, I won’t bother. Of course, if I let him know that I’m saving 50% off the price he probably won’t have any complaints!

Good Use for Old Stationery

stationeryOver the years I’ve gathered a collection of stationery – for Christmas letters, graduation invites, dinner party invites, etc. With the advent of Shutterfly and Evite, I no longer need the stationery and it sits in my desk, unused.

Until now!

It finally occurred to me that I could use it for much of my printing needs. I just make sure it’s inserted face side up in my printer tray, so that whatever I’m printing prints on the blank back of the stationery.

So far, I’ve used it for shopping lists, recipes, coupons, a Groupon, and a ticket to the Cartier exhibit at the Art Museum. At this rate, it’ll all be gone in a year or so.

Target Gift Cards 10% on Black Friday

targetI was on Facebook on Friday and saw that Target was selling up to $300 of gift cards for 10% off. I often use them to tip our cleaners, or newspaper delivery person, etc. Or just to shop. I can’t think of another way to save 10% at Target. Their RedCard saves me 5%, but it doesn’t apply to gift cards.

Shipping was free. ;)

And I paid with my MileagePlus card to get miles (something I don’t get when using my Target card).

I’ll make a note of it in my filing system and hope they have the same offer next Black Friday!